Tuesday, November 30, 2010


Day 41: Saturday, November 27

end nov 017

Day 42: Sunday, November 28

Sorry about this picture . . . but by the time I remembered to take your picture . . . well, you were none too happy with me.

end nov 020

And the reality is that though you are a good baby, sometimes you do cry.  

Day 43:  Monday, November 29

end nov 070

end nov 072

I still am blown away by your clothes.  Though these are man-made, they remind me of the intricate detail that God took when making each and every detail about His children – US – You! 

Oh, I had to take you to see Swathi today.  Your cough   -- yikes . . . scary.

However, she confirmed what I was doing and only added that you needed a humidifier and saline spray up your nose. 

Now there were a few other things that she wanted to do too . . . but they were optional.  I’m not going to do them.  Why?  I firmly believe that the ONLY thing to enter your digestive track right now is breast milk. 

Curious as to what she wanted you to take?  Vitamin D and a probiotic (but it contained a few other things).  Both of these would change the content in your saliva which then gets communicated back to my body when you nurse.  So . . . my milk would change, perhaps prematurely, and not give you all the nutrients that you need. 

Day 44:  Tuesday, November 30

lost teeth 007

Friday, November 26, 2010


Sunday, Day 35

end of november 025

Monday, Day 36

end of november 030

Tuesday, Day 37

thanksgiving eve 002

Wednesday, Day 38

thanksgiving eve 016

Ezra spent some time sharing with you how much Jesus loves you . . . and that He died on the cross for you so that you could be with God in heaven. 

Because God Really loves you.  And “I love you, too.”

Thanksgiving, Day 39

Note:  My dear daughter, should you ever nurse during the season of stuffing (or dressing if the “stuffing” isn’t cooked in the turkey), find out if the stuffing has the ingredient sage in it.  Sage dries up mother’s milk, and can make for a temporarily very  hungry and unhappy baby.

Thanksgiving 10 003

Asher held you while I loaded our belongings up to go celebrate at Mama and Papa’s house.

Thanksgiving 10 012

Thanksgiving 10 014    

You often appear to prop your chin up, especially after nursing.  However, I think this position is comfortable for you because you practiced your contemplative boxing moves when you were in my belly.

Thanksgiving 10 022

Your ever growing family . . .

Friday, Day 40

Thanksgiving 10 066

Oh Naomi – you have such a dreadful and pitiful cough. You aren’t coughing much, one could miss a fit.  But when you do, it so upsets you . . . and me.  But you have no other symptoms of being sick.  No temperature.  No problems sleeping.  You aren’t crying any more than normal.

Just an often hard to clear  phlegm-filled cough – just like mine was.  Sorry I got you sick. 

So the protocol I am taking is Thieves Oil on you feet, along with an alternating diffusion of Thieves Oil and RC Oil (to clear your lungs). 

Plus I am nursing you, which is God’s best homemade medicine.

His First Time

Gabe got to hold you for the first time. 

end nov 011

You took a piece of his heart.  Well, not really.  Proverbs 4: 23 says,

Above all else, guard your heart,
   for everything you do flows from it.

But this magical moment created in him a very special affection for you.

end nov 014

You are now his little girl. 

end nov 006

He tells everyone that you are his “ister.”

end nov 002

You have a bodyguard for life.  It is he who tells me when you are crying.

end nov 008

Though God knows every hair on your head . . . Gabe sure searched you out.

end nov 013 

Are not five sparrows sold for two pennies? Yet not one of them is forgotten by God. Indeed, the very hairs of your head are all numbered. Don’t be afraid; you are worth more than many sparrows.  (Luke 12: 6-7)

Saturday, November 20, 2010


insulation day 007


turkey book day 019

You went on a date with Daddy and I . . . but you didn’t have much fun.  I guess you don’t like clothes shopping.  I never did, when I was a little girl!

Happy 1 Month!

This week you celebrated your one month birthday.  How glad we are that you have entered this world. 

There are so many things about you that make you so special . . .

  • the sweet noises you make when nursing
  • how you grip my necklace


  • the way you burrow your face into my neck
  • how you calm down quickly once you nestle into the Moby Wrap
  • the response people give your daddy and I when they see us with you—people always assume you are our first baby!  (Little do they know!)
  • your precious smiles . . . I really think you did smile at me this week



  • I love how God has used you to draw me closer to Him.  And I am sure that He will only continue to do so . . .


We are looking forward to many more memories with you, Little One! 

By the way, all of these GREAT pictures were taken by my friend, Janet, who is a photographer.  You came with me to Book Club --  we were discussing the book, A Basket of Flowers (which you must read when you are older!)  I asked Janet to snap some pictures of you seeing as though you were one month old that night and I hadn’t brought my camera for the occasion.  I think Janet had some fun . . . and she wants your coat!


turkey book day 009

You are wearing your Etsy Baby Shower gift.  

turkey book day 015

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

365/26 -31

Day 26

november3 032

november3 028

Day 27

Today you got to meet the Hartman’s and learn about Egypt, along with your brothers and go to a baby shower and go to Nate’s birthday! 

november3 079

november3 073

When I survey your clothes and the amount of detail that somebody, somewhere spent on making them . . .

november3 071

. . . it really causes awe to come across my thoughts . . . wonder at the creativity the Lord had when He made us . . .

november3 065

when He made you.  

november3 070

And then to think that we can know Him and have a personal relationship with the Lord, He who created us uniquely.


Day 28

 sp november 002

You have such a good daddy . . .

sp november 003

and he has such a sweet daughter.

sp november 006

Day 29

sp november 015 sp november 014 sp november 013

Day 30

sp november 017

Everyone was having a little leche . . . except yours wasn’t chocolate!

sp november 021 sp november 020

Day 31

sp november 045

Thursday, November 11, 2010


Day 22

Vackars meet SP 001Asher didn’t want you to feel lonely, so he did his schoolwork beside you.

Vackars meet SP 005

Daily your brothers give you more hugs and kisses than I get in one week!  They make a point to telling you how pretty you are and how perfect God made you.  Don’t ever forget that, young lady!

Vackars meet SP 006

Uncle Bryan stopped by after work to meet you.  Followed by . . .

Vackars meet SP 009

Sydney and . . . Alex.

Vackars meet SP 010   

Day 23

mid november 009

Your first dress . . . it was a picture moment.

mid november 019

God has blessed you with your own set of bodyguards.

mid november 027

mid november 030

mid november 038

When you aren’t in the Moby, you hang out in the sling that I made for us!

Day 24

mid november 047


Day 25

mid november 057