Friday, March 18, 2011

365/106 - 110

Day 106: January 31

I think this day is on a phone . . .

Day 107:  February 1


Day 108:  February 2


The last time you fit into this cute jean dress, albeit slightly mismatched. 


Day 109:  February 3



Day 110:  February 4


Sunday, March 6, 2011


Day 103:  January 28

Jay and Emily and family came to visit us during the Monster Truck Show . . . lucky us!  It was a GREAT time of fellowship.

Emily enjoyed holding you!


Day 104:  January 29


Day 105:  January 30

028 030


Day 102:  January 27

I purposefully have been standing doing my computer work, because I thought you would wake up soon.  And superstitiously (not really) I thought that IF I sat down to blog you would wake up.

I just sat down.

Guess what?

You just woke up. 

Well, we discovered why you had such inflammation . . . eczema on your face, or rather your cheeks and at the corners of your eyes.


You had been given some clothes (of which I was very excited about).  BUT they were washed in some STRONG smelling detergent that reeked of some artificial perfume. 

Like your brothers, and your mother, your skin has ZERO tolerance for said chemical rubbing up against your skin.

Hence . . . irritated cheeks from sleeping on gifted sheets and that later resulted in infected skin near your eyes from the continual moisture . . . not that you cry a lot.  But eyes are moist.

Don’t worry.  Mama got you another new minky bed sheet and Nana got you some new clothes since you have grown quite a bit! 

Yea . . . when you went to the doctor you were in the 95%.  Not that I pay much heed to that chart . . . still an interesting fact, though. 

15 pounds at 4 months.  Go girl!