Wednesday, June 22, 2011

More Please

More . . . I’d like more of you please. 

And you would like more cherries.  You’ll eat anything so long as it contains cherries.


One day that tooth . . . that lone tooth . . .


Will extract the pit from the cherry as you sit alongside your daddy – both of you eating your favorite fruit.

Today was Aunt Nicole’s birthday . . . which meant Chick-Fil-A on your 243rd day of life.


Followed by a long nap.

And a pleasant family walk, with you in the Moby.  See – I told you I would hold you more today!

Monday, June 20, 2011


I really should be in bed. 

But I just got done nursing you . . . and that experience, like many prior to tonight, left me in awe.

I have a baby and that baby is you.


You hadn’t whimpered much.  But I knew it wouldn’t take long for you to erupt into a howl.  Your routine 11:30 ish PM snack. 

I’ve almost given up going to bed until your snack.  Especially when I have a good book laying beside my bed and your snuggly daddy beside me. 

As I nursed you, those tiny hands . . . now so big yet still so tiny.  Delicate.  Perfect.  Warm.  Slightly moist from a warm house and I suspect a visit to your mouth.


When you were done drawing your milk and only latched on for comfort purposes, I stuck my pinkie in your mouth to break the suction and you nestled into my arm . . . perhaps hoping for a night’s rest. 

Oh, how I longed to just hold you.  But you are growing.  You have been growing up since the day you entered this world.  I really just want you to stay this age and yet I can’t wait to sit over a cuppa tea and daydream with you. 


Not ready to lay you down in your crib where you sleep more peacefully, I nestled your head into my neck and feigned burping you.  You wiggled.  And you began that delightful thing you do with your mouth.

This thing that you do . . . and that people with dentures do.  Yes.  Sorry for the similarity.  The difference is that when you open and close your mouth – it is cute.  And it makes a delightful clicking noise. 


I breathed in your sleepy smell . . . and realized how quickly you and your brothers were going up.  I yearn to write in their journals when the sun comes up . . . to remind myself and to tell them of all their accomplishments since the last time I wrote to them with a pen in my hand instead of a keyboard at my fingertips. 

You cause me to slow down . . . to savor . . . to enjoy . . . . to remember and preserve those recollections. 


And so  I am.  I did.  All the while, you are laying on your pink minky sheet . . . arms spread out  . . . hugging your sleep. 

It made me think.  I need to hold you more.  Tomorrow I shall find a way.

So ends day 242 . . . really 243.

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Learning and Growing

June 13 . . . more eating . . . umm . . . fermented sweet potatoes


June 14 . . .


June 15 . . . brings exploration



June 16 . . . your first sippy cup


June 17 . . .




June 18 . . .  Your daddy picked your outfit out today . . . which I thought was appropriate considering it was Father’s Day.


June 19 . . .

You weren’t so happy with me . . .


June 20 . . . Nana and Mop’s anniversary . . . but you didn’t see them.  They are on vacation.


Thursday, June 9, 2011

Lake Michigan

June 9 brought a baby-wearing Grandma . . . DSC_0009


June 10 . . .


June 11 . . .





  June 12 . . . a sad day . . . leaving Michigan . . .




Organically Grown

I was just getting ready to feed you your new favorite food, green beans.  But I decided it might be wise to take your picture prior to eating.


Because to compliment your green beans . . . cherries.


And you are modeling your new onsie from Organically Grown.  I didn’t want to mess up such a cute shirt. 

Thankfully it survived your meal.  Your organic meal.  How appropriate.

Friday, June 3, 2011

An Unusual Friendship

I innocently gave you some morning Tummy Time.  Ruth decided to help.
Ruth promptly received an "aught." She looked slightly offended.

You didn't help matters, looking all cute and innocent.

I guess you won.  Or Ruth got tired of being disciplined.

And so begins Day 227.

The Splash Park

Day 226 made you curious . . . perhaps overly cautious. 

With hands clutching the sides of your stroller, you surveyed what the other children were doing.

What were they doing?  Dressed in bathing suits . . . yet most of the time there was no water.

Hmmm . . .

You found yourself ready to leave.  But Aunt Nicole and I needed to finish up our prayer requests. 

Teething Bling to the rescue!

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

A Perfect Start to June

June 1

We went to the splash park today . . . it wasn’t so splashy.


Those precious hands held on tight to your stroller.  I wonder . . . what will the Lord have you craft or hold with those hands?


For now they shall be content to hold my necklace, ushering in your new tooth.

DSC_0233 June 2


June 3  -- the picture is on my phone!

June 4

The Farmer’s Market . . . yard work . . . and a home fellowship cookout.


A busy day that ended with a kiss from Ruth.

June 5

Today is our anniversary.  Your dad and I have been married 12 years. 


12 amazing years. 


Naomi, should the Lord tarry, I pray that you meet and marry a man like your father.


A man who loves Jesus . . . leads with a gentleness, studies the Word to discern truth in this life, woo’s you throughout your married years, cherishes you, works unto the Lord, and is steady and faithful. 


A man who is a real man.  A man after God’s own heart.

Like  your dad.  My boyfriend.  My husband.

DSC_0268 (The view from when I nursed you after our bike ride.)

June 6

You are loved.


June 7

It was a big day today.   A day that warranted munching on a hardly used pacifier.


A long awaited moment.  An eruption of activity. 


You. Have. A. Tooth.

Please don’t bite me, sweet one.


June 8

A perfect outfit to wear to start eating green beans . . . fresh, local green beans. 


Today, you experienced your first car wash.  And you didn’t cry.