Wednesday, June 1, 2011

A Perfect Start to June

June 1

We went to the splash park today . . . it wasn’t so splashy.


Those precious hands held on tight to your stroller.  I wonder . . . what will the Lord have you craft or hold with those hands?


For now they shall be content to hold my necklace, ushering in your new tooth.

DSC_0233 June 2


June 3  -- the picture is on my phone!

June 4

The Farmer’s Market . . . yard work . . . and a home fellowship cookout.


A busy day that ended with a kiss from Ruth.

June 5

Today is our anniversary.  Your dad and I have been married 12 years. 


12 amazing years. 


Naomi, should the Lord tarry, I pray that you meet and marry a man like your father.


A man who loves Jesus . . . leads with a gentleness, studies the Word to discern truth in this life, woo’s you throughout your married years, cherishes you, works unto the Lord, and is steady and faithful. 


A man who is a real man.  A man after God’s own heart.

Like  your dad.  My boyfriend.  My husband.

DSC_0268 (The view from when I nursed you after our bike ride.)

June 6

You are loved.


June 7

It was a big day today.   A day that warranted munching on a hardly used pacifier.


A long awaited moment.  An eruption of activity. 


You. Have. A. Tooth.

Please don’t bite me, sweet one.


June 8

A perfect outfit to wear to start eating green beans . . . fresh, local green beans. 


Today, you experienced your first car wash.  And you didn’t cry. 


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