Wednesday, January 26, 2011


Day 98:  January 23


Day 99:  January 24


Day 100:  January 25


Day 101:  January 26


Let’s just say that Ruthie loves you.  Or she likes to lick you.  Your hands and your mouth are her favorite things to lather.  Sorry.  I try to protect you. 

And you . . . you she never nips at.  She is never the “Singing Alligator” to you that she is to us!

Saturday, January 22, 2011


Day 92: January 17 - 22


Generally, you enjoy a good bath.  But you don’t like having your head washed or having your bath end.  I think you take after me.  I wonder if one night I will find you reading a book while you soak from rough-housing with your brothers earlier in the day.


You probably won’t see many pictures of me because the camera is kind-of “mine,” though your daddy and I share everything. 


But know that I hold you a lot.  And I adore holding you.  I love how you clutch my hair, or my tank top strap, or some piece of my clothing.  I enjoy the little sounds that you make as you munch your your hand that is propped on my shoulder.

Day 93:  January  18

Your bedtime routine is sweet. . . . if I catch you before you yawn the third time.  Gotta watch for the 7-mile stare and the first yawn.


I change your diaper, read you a story, pray for you, and sing “Jesus Loves Naomi.”

 Day 94:  January 19


Day 95:  January 20


Day 96:  January 21


Day 97:  January 22


Wednesday, January 19, 2011


Day 74: December 31

The annual New Year’s Eve fondue party . . . this is the second year that the kiddos have really gotten to be a part of multiple food dippings.  And one day – you will too.  Actually, you were there, nestled in my arms. 

Olivia is holding you, with the help of her sister, Abbi.

New Year 005

Day 75:  January 1, 2011

I think you knew.

 New Year 013

You knew that we were going to move you out of our room and into your specially prepared Naomi room.  Your room may very well be my favorite room in our house.  It is so restful . . . peaceful . . . pleasant. 

New Year 019 

You roomed-in with us the longest of any of your siblings . . . 10 weeks.  You really made for a very good roommate – except for the fact that Daddy and I need time to talk.  Daddy loves to snuggle in bed and talk . . . you’ll get to enjoy that . . . and it will happen all too soon.

And now . . . you sleep better because we don’t wake  you up with alarms or getting ready for bed.

New Year 020

Day 76:  January 2

New Year 027 New Year 029

Day 77:  January 2

Sorry about the flash .  . . I know it was bright.  But I needed a picture for the day!

New Year 064

Day 78:  January 3

Our family room carpeting really is a great backdrop.  Should the Lord tarry, we could hang it on the wall for your wedding pictures.  Just kidding.  Kind of.

Bear Snores On 040

Bear Snores On 033  

Day 79:  January 4

Bear 011

Day 80:  January 5

Your brothers sure do love you. 

preserving lemons 046

They also think that you talk . . . which you do . . . but they interpret baby language . . . the gift of tongues at a young age . . . anyway, supposedly you say, “I love you!” 

 preserving lemons 042

Day 81:  January 6


Day 82:  January 7

013 014 

And someone must have told a good joke . . . or someone tickled your chin.


Day 83:  January 8


This, my dear, is called the 7-Mile Stare.  When a baby’s eyes get locked open and don’t blink for a long time . . . appearing to be absorbed in some object millions of miles away . . . that means it is time for nap.  Hurry.  The window of opportunity for precious baby to fall asleep peacefully draws nigh to a close.  Catch the body’s natural rhythm before the third yawn.  Or else someone, probably you (as a mom), will have to pay the piper. 

Day 84:  January 9

And here is that yawn I was telling you about.


Aunt Michelle and Sydney came over to hang out for a bit. She brought you some amazing, fun, and pink clothes!

Day 85:  January 10


Day 86:  January 11


Let’s talk about swaddling.  Babies love to be swaddled up until a certain point.  As a mom, you will know when to stop swaddling . . . at that point sleep training starts.  More on that later.

Swaddling.  Your dad is the pro at this parental task. 

First, lay your square blanket out with the point of the square at 12 o’clock.  Fold that corner down until it makes a triangle.  At the top of blanket, or triangle, is where the baby’s neck goes . . . the top line of the triangle is slightly above the baby’s shoulders.  (Your dad can probably explain it better.)

Next, it is important to make tight tucks.


Bring the left wing of the blanket over to the right side of the baby, and pull the fabric tight as you tuck it under the baby’s back. 

Then, bring the bottom portion or bottom corner up and tuck the fabric under the bottom of your baby.

All the while, hands and arms of said baby are against the baby’s body. 

You see, if you leave the arms to flail, the precious, unique to baby flapping, startles said child awake when sleeping.  So, keep them close to your little miracle’s body. 

Lastly, bring the right side of the blanket across moderately swaddled baby, and tuck under the left side of the baby. 


Day 87:  January 12

You were not happy with me.  I don’t blame you.


Hard to believe that one day, you will put your baby dolls in here.  Toys.  Not real babies. 

011 010042

Hmm. . . you can now suck your thumb . . . I mean, hand.  That means that you can most likely fall asleep on your own – without mommy and daddy bouncing you to sleep. 

Day 88:  January 13

Asher’s basketball game . . . I think they won.

055 056

Day 89:  January  14


Nana gave you this insanely funky outfit.  I adore it.  I’m thinking about trying to figure out how to make another one like it . . . just a different color, of course.

Day 90:  January 15


Day 91:  January 16