Saturday, January 22, 2011


Day 92: January 17 - 22


Generally, you enjoy a good bath.  But you don’t like having your head washed or having your bath end.  I think you take after me.  I wonder if one night I will find you reading a book while you soak from rough-housing with your brothers earlier in the day.


You probably won’t see many pictures of me because the camera is kind-of “mine,” though your daddy and I share everything. 


But know that I hold you a lot.  And I adore holding you.  I love how you clutch my hair, or my tank top strap, or some piece of my clothing.  I enjoy the little sounds that you make as you munch your your hand that is propped on my shoulder.

Day 93:  January  18

Your bedtime routine is sweet. . . . if I catch you before you yawn the third time.  Gotta watch for the 7-mile stare and the first yawn.


I change your diaper, read you a story, pray for you, and sing “Jesus Loves Naomi.”

 Day 94:  January 19


Day 95:  January 20


Day 96:  January 21


Day 97:  January 22


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