Sunday, October 31, 2010



Snug as a bug in a rug . . . enjoying a brisk family walk with an improved dog and a much needed break outdoors.

*Taken by Daddy’s camera*


Today, you looked like a cupcake.  Please don’t be mad at me.  The outfit is stinkin’ cute.

oct nov birthdays 027

You were wearing something else that Daddy dressed you in . . . but I didn’t quite get your prefold tight enough after I fed you, and . . . well . . . poop happened before I got your picture taken. 

oct nov birthdays 034

You spent most of the day in the Moby . . . your favorite place, probably.

oct nov birthdays 025

Here is a picture of your family . . . minus a sleeping brother . . . and your grandparents. 

oct nov birthdays 007

We won’t leave your grandparents out . . .

oct nov birthdays 016

Or your brother . . .

365.11 004

Or that fact that Mommy got to have Chinese.  Aunt ‘Cole and I “worked” the budget a bit to make take-out dinner possible.  I mean, Aunt ‘Cole and the family hadn’t met you yet!  We needed to celebrate!

oct nov birthdays 167

Friday, October 29, 2010


For the third night in a row, we are home . . . without the brothers or your dad.  (OK, Smiley was home – but he was sleeping, so that doesn’t count.)  I was a little bummed, which I am sure you will understand as you begin to spread your social butterfly wings.

But I know that being home is the best place for you and I right now.  We were tired.  It’s not like you could go in the bounce house at church or eat candy anyway.

365.11 021

As I finished an email that I was writing to your Aunt ‘Cole, I heard your little cry announcing that you were done with your nap. 

Any feelings of disappointment of being “stuck” at home left me promptly.  As I put a fresh prefold on you, I was rather amazed that I was truly changing a girl’s diaper.  I giggled at myself for lavishing your (perhaps) 8 pound body all in pink – because I used to detest pink!  I marveled at the way you bring your hands up to your check, as if to support your face in a thoughtful pose as you slurp up milk, reminiscent of how I pictured you in the confines of my large belly. 

365.11 015

I just knew that your little hands were up by your face . . . because that is still where you keep them 11 days later.

You are so pleasant, Naomi. 

Thursday, October 28, 2010


365.10 007

Today your Mamma and Papa came for a short visit.  Papa made these really cool bookshelves that he hung beside your brothers’ bunked beds.  Mamma helped wash your clothes and fold your diapers; and, of course, they both wanted to hold you.

Soon after they left, Lynda (Mommy’s midwife) came for a follow-up visit.  She was pleased with the healing of your belly button, your color, and your weight (which was 7.14 lbs on Wednesday).  She kept saying how pretty you were, which I heartily agree. 

I found out something interesting about your placenta today.  For starters it was HUGE!  I had surmised that in the brief few glances that I took of it.  But the other interesting fact about your placenta was its deep rich color. 

Do you know what that means? 

It means it was enriched by a healthy diet almost void of preservatives and prepackaged food.  Lynda said that there is a difference between placentas that were fed a healthy diet versus a SAD (standard American diet).  Keep that in mind, should the Lord tarry, and you are blessed with growing a baby inside your belly. 

Now, Naomi you must remember that after you have a baby it is VERY important that you rest.  Having a baby is a lot of work and your body has a lot of changes it is going through to return to normal.  Sleep, rest, water, and good food are all very important to recovery.  For that reason, Lynda encouraged me once again just to stay put, nice and snug at home.

Wanna know where you are right now?  You are wrapped up in the little blanket that Bloggy friend, Melanie, made for you and lying on my chest (slightly snoring) while I type. 

Wednesday, October 27, 2010


Today you matched Lil’ Pumpkin who was born a few days ago.  Her mommy, Maureen from Spell Outloud,  gave you this stinkin’ cute sleeping gown.  And some GREAT gifts to entertain your brothers.  (Which they totally devoured.)

365.9 031 Thanks, Maureen!

You slept great last night . . . so I think I am just going to have you wear this outfit every night.  Think it will work? 


But that is OK.  I don’t get tired holding you.  All of your precious noises, tiny hand movements, the way you burrow into my neck.  I can’t get enough of you!

365.9 064

Daddy, had to take all of us to the health store tonight before the boys went to AWANA.  We had to get some “fun” supplies for Mommy. 

But that will be for another blog post, another day. 

I have some things to teach you about postpartum care . . . like I said, another post, another day.

Tuesday, October 26, 2010


365.9 006

365.9 008

365.9 005

Thank you for letting me sleep 3 full hours!  I woke up refreshed! 

Monday, October 25, 2010


Mussie's birthday 004

Mussie's birthday 005

Happy 1 Week!

Today marks the fact that you have been dressed in pink for a week!  Wow! 

I have so much to say about you, and so little time, because I really need to take a nap before you wake up!

But here is a sneak peak at your photo shoot from yesterday. 

In the future, I plan on doing a weekly meme called, "God made you special."  It will feature all the ways that I believe God made you special.  And hopefully, others will join up with us and share how God made their children special! 

Like I said . . . only a teaser!  Stay tuned for more photos!

Sunday, October 24, 2010



2010-10-24 sp photo shot1

 sp photo shot 023

sp photo shot 089  (First Bath)

using . . .

sp photo shot 094(Thanks, Michelle!)

and Uncle Jason came for a visit with his mom . . .

sp photo shot 096 sp photo shot 097

To My Dear Daughter

As I type this, you are sleeping.  Today you are just 1 day shy of being a week old.  After much thought, and little planning, I have decided that I am under some conviction to dedicate (at least) this year to faithfully documenting your life, learning, and growing. 

But more importantly, through your blog, though you will only be an infant this year -- not capable of domestic tasks -- I hope to begin to instill in you a love for the Word of God and a desire to be a Proverbs 31 lady. 

The art of homemaking is one that has to be passed down, instilled, and demonstrated.  In our culture today, being a happy homemaker is not something that you will learn at school from your teacher (unless you are homeschooled), on TV, through music, or even in many books.  It is a gift that I want to give to you. 

There is great joy in fulfilling this God-given task that has been committed to us as women.  Dear daughter, I hope and pray to be the mother that inspires you to your calling, the rich heritage that is found in Christ Jesus.  As you grow, may I be filled with the fruit of the spirit and pass that on to you, along with many other homemaking delights. 

Should I fail in this, please remind me that "the wise in heart are called discerning, and pleasant words promote instruction." (Proverbs 16:21)

My goal: to blog or post a picture of you for 365 days.  After that, I plan on printing your blog as a book and giving it to you shortly after your first birthday.  If this blog is a success, not in the world's eyes, but in the commission that the Lord has given me, then I shall continue to love on you and write down the ways that you should go, so that you will not depart from your heritage.  Thus as you grow older, you will have almost a guide for your life that will never replace the Bible, but (Lord willing) serve as an example of the Word put into practice.

I love you little one. 


One day old . . .

Friday, October 22, 2010


All things Sweet Pea 023

Your Mops was away on a business trip when you were born.  This is the first time that you met him. 

All things Sweet Pea 022

By the way, in case you are wondering why you call him Mops instead of Grandpa . . . can be blamed on your eldest brother.  He never was able to say Grandpa and my dad really never wanted to be called Grandpa.  So, when your eldest brother called “grandpa” something, it came out as Mops and has stuck ever since. 

All things Sweet Pea 024

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Wednesday, October 20, 2010


My midwife, Lynda, and Blythe, her assistant, came to visit us – just to make sure that all was well with you and I.  On this visit, you had lost a bit of weight, but that is to be expected while you wait for Mommy’s milk to come in. 

Leaves and Sweet PEa 127 

Now, Lynda was quite silly on this visit because she told me that I needed to have another baby . . . so she didn’t miss the birth. 

All things Sweet Pea 004

Tia came to visit you!

And you had to take your first car ride to be with other new mommies and babies . . .

I, know, it’s a lot of pink. 

But girlfriend, we have waited a long time to get to use pink . . . and the car seat was a used gift.

All things Sweet Pea 006

Tuesday, October 19, 2010


Someday soon, I will write your birth story . . . but until then let us begin the journey of your “picture a day” . . .

Leaves and Sweet PEa 117My dear friend, Casey, and her daughter(s) brought our first meal over.  People have to be careful when they hold you . . . because you give them “baby fever!”