Wednesday, October 20, 2010


My midwife, Lynda, and Blythe, her assistant, came to visit us – just to make sure that all was well with you and I.  On this visit, you had lost a bit of weight, but that is to be expected while you wait for Mommy’s milk to come in. 

Leaves and Sweet PEa 127 

Now, Lynda was quite silly on this visit because she told me that I needed to have another baby . . . so she didn’t miss the birth. 

All things Sweet Pea 004

Tia came to visit you!

And you had to take your first car ride to be with other new mommies and babies . . .

I, know, it’s a lot of pink. 

But girlfriend, we have waited a long time to get to use pink . . . and the car seat was a used gift.

All things Sweet Pea 006

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