Wednesday, October 27, 2010


Today you matched Lil’ Pumpkin who was born a few days ago.  Her mommy, Maureen from Spell Outloud,  gave you this stinkin’ cute sleeping gown.  And some GREAT gifts to entertain your brothers.  (Which they totally devoured.)

365.9 031 Thanks, Maureen!

You slept great last night . . . so I think I am just going to have you wear this outfit every night.  Think it will work? 


But that is OK.  I don’t get tired holding you.  All of your precious noises, tiny hand movements, the way you burrow into my neck.  I can’t get enough of you!

365.9 064

Daddy, had to take all of us to the health store tonight before the boys went to AWANA.  We had to get some “fun” supplies for Mommy. 

But that will be for another blog post, another day. 

I have some things to teach you about postpartum care . . . like I said, another post, another day.

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