Friday, October 29, 2010


For the third night in a row, we are home . . . without the brothers or your dad.  (OK, Smiley was home – but he was sleeping, so that doesn’t count.)  I was a little bummed, which I am sure you will understand as you begin to spread your social butterfly wings.

But I know that being home is the best place for you and I right now.  We were tired.  It’s not like you could go in the bounce house at church or eat candy anyway.

365.11 021

As I finished an email that I was writing to your Aunt ‘Cole, I heard your little cry announcing that you were done with your nap. 

Any feelings of disappointment of being “stuck” at home left me promptly.  As I put a fresh prefold on you, I was rather amazed that I was truly changing a girl’s diaper.  I giggled at myself for lavishing your (perhaps) 8 pound body all in pink – because I used to detest pink!  I marveled at the way you bring your hands up to your check, as if to support your face in a thoughtful pose as you slurp up milk, reminiscent of how I pictured you in the confines of my large belly. 

365.11 015

I just knew that your little hands were up by your face . . . because that is still where you keep them 11 days later.

You are so pleasant, Naomi. 

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