Thursday, October 28, 2010


365.10 007

Today your Mamma and Papa came for a short visit.  Papa made these really cool bookshelves that he hung beside your brothers’ bunked beds.  Mamma helped wash your clothes and fold your diapers; and, of course, they both wanted to hold you.

Soon after they left, Lynda (Mommy’s midwife) came for a follow-up visit.  She was pleased with the healing of your belly button, your color, and your weight (which was 7.14 lbs on Wednesday).  She kept saying how pretty you were, which I heartily agree. 

I found out something interesting about your placenta today.  For starters it was HUGE!  I had surmised that in the brief few glances that I took of it.  But the other interesting fact about your placenta was its deep rich color. 

Do you know what that means? 

It means it was enriched by a healthy diet almost void of preservatives and prepackaged food.  Lynda said that there is a difference between placentas that were fed a healthy diet versus a SAD (standard American diet).  Keep that in mind, should the Lord tarry, and you are blessed with growing a baby inside your belly. 

Now, Naomi you must remember that after you have a baby it is VERY important that you rest.  Having a baby is a lot of work and your body has a lot of changes it is going through to return to normal.  Sleep, rest, water, and good food are all very important to recovery.  For that reason, Lynda encouraged me once again just to stay put, nice and snug at home.

Wanna know where you are right now?  You are wrapped up in the little blanket that Bloggy friend, Melanie, made for you and lying on my chest (slightly snoring) while I type. 

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