Sunday, October 31, 2010


Today, you looked like a cupcake.  Please don’t be mad at me.  The outfit is stinkin’ cute.

oct nov birthdays 027

You were wearing something else that Daddy dressed you in . . . but I didn’t quite get your prefold tight enough after I fed you, and . . . well . . . poop happened before I got your picture taken. 

oct nov birthdays 034

You spent most of the day in the Moby . . . your favorite place, probably.

oct nov birthdays 025

Here is a picture of your family . . . minus a sleeping brother . . . and your grandparents. 

oct nov birthdays 007

We won’t leave your grandparents out . . .

oct nov birthdays 016

Or your brother . . .

365.11 004

Or that fact that Mommy got to have Chinese.  Aunt ‘Cole and I “worked” the budget a bit to make take-out dinner possible.  I mean, Aunt ‘Cole and the family hadn’t met you yet!  We needed to celebrate!

oct nov birthdays 167

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