Friday, December 10, 2010


Day 48:  Saturday, December 4

December Totally Tots 010

Day 49:  Sunday, December 5

December Totally Tots 038

Umm . . . yes, you have the same outfit on.  It happens.

Day 50:  Monday, December 6

This was a big day.  We registered you.  It’s official – you were born! 

December Totally Tots 042

I wanted you to look so pretty . . .

December Totally Tots 044

And you did. 

But . . . you pooped.  In a major way.

So I changed you right there at the County Health Department. 

December Totally Tots 049

Seriously, though . . . we had to take you to the Health Department along with a bunch of paperwork to prove that you are a legit, God created human being. 

Now you can get your birth certificate and social security number. 

Day 51:  Tuesday, December 7

December Totally Tots 062

Asher came home from the hospital wearing this little number.  

I recently went through your brothers’ baby clothes.  It made me cry.  Lots of memories.

There were a few things I was able to pull out for you.  Don’t worry – nothing too boyish!

Day 52:  Wednesday, December 8

Another late night picture . . .

christmas tree 001

Day 53:  Thursday, December 9

christmas tree 009

You and Mussie hadn’t yet had a photo shoot . . . and well . . . I figured it needed to happen sooner than later. 

christmas tree 013

Mussie isn’t doing too great these days.

 christmas tree 011

I love your little grin . . . as if to say, “This isn’t so bad.  I like the doggy!”

 christmas tree 010

Mussie decided that you weren’t so bad yourself!

Day 54:  Friday, December 10

This is a borderline outfit . . . but I wanted you to wear something warm . . . and something that all my babies had worn . . . so . . . at least you are warm.


And right now you are really warm – you are in the Moby.  You are keeping ME warm!

Phew . . . I have your blog caught up.  For anyone reading this . . . I posted a lot of back posts . . . look around and find some more Pleasant Words!

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