Saturday, December 4, 2010

Today . . . Saturday

This is how you are getting around today. 

first snow 020

You and I are listening to Christmas music, cleaning the kitchen, and preparing dinner . . . squash with coconut oil and brown sugar, brown rice and teriyaki chicken, and fresh pita bread.

You are so cute . . . no, pretty.  Precious.  Pleasant.

first snow 001

I have wanted to put you in this outfit so long now . . .

first snow 002

Today featured our first real snow. 

first snow 019

But you were ready for it.  You seemed to like the little snowflakes falling upon your face.

first snow 010

OK . . . back to cleaning. 

I told Daddy I wouldn’t get distracted today.  (I really wanted to try and make some fresh Almond milk for him today.  Instead, I blogged!)

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