Thursday, December 30, 2010


Day 67:  December 24

Since we are going to Nana and Mops on Christmas Day, we did our family celebration of the Birth of Jesus on Christmas Eve. 

Christmas Vacation 028

You slept through much of it.  But I know that you will like what you were given.  Eventually.


Mental note,  next year we are going to do our three Christmas presents as follows:

  1. gold --  something you really want
  2. frankincense --  something you need
  3. myrrh --  something spiritual, to help your walk with the Lord

Day 68:  December 25

Due to a light dusting of snow, we were a wee bit late arriving at Nana and Mop’s house. 

Christmas Vacation 073


That is how it is with being a family of 6. 

Well . . . having 4 young children.

Christmas Vacation 076(You really like your new bean bag chair.) 

Christmas Vacation 101

Day 69:  December 26

Christmas at Mama and Papa’s house! 

Christmas Vacation 188 

Sweet Gabe always wants to hold you . . . when we are getting ready to go somewhere.  Don’t you love his zebra gloves?

Christmas Vacation 199

Girlfriend, never doubt how loved you are. 

Christmas Vacation 192


Day 70:  December 27

Tummy Time with DaddyChristmas Vacation 208

Christmas Vacation 207 

Christmas Vacation 210 

Day 71: December 28

Today was your two month physical.  You weighed 12.7 pounds and were 22 inches long.

Christmas Vacation 230

You and Ezra shared an appointment with Swathi

Christmas Vacation 231 and you tagged along with us on our date to Starbucks and Target.  No pooping on this trip!

Day 72:  December 29

We went to see some old college friends today, Brett and Abbi. 

Christmas Vacation 256

They have a handful of kids too!  Maybe next year you can go sledding!

Christmas Vacation 254

P.S. Thanks for letting me sleep 9 hours last night!

Day 73:  December 30

We took Asher and Ezra ice skating today.  I was a bit nervous leaving you behind.  Truth be told – I just didn’t want you to get a bottle!  It is so much easier to nurse you. 

Christmas Vacation 328

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