Thursday, December 30, 2010


Day 55:  the evening of December 11

Omi 002

Omi 004

We got what you might say a lot of snow.  Forgoing all of our evening plans, we got out the sleds and off we went for a snowy walk in the neighborhood.  It was a little cold.

You were fine – until we got home.

Maybe it was the snowsuit.  Winnie the Pooh . . . I don’t blame you.  Don’t worry, Nana got you a funky snow suit that fits better anyhow.

Omi 006 

Day 56:  December 12

Omi 013

Day 57:  December 13

Omi 015

Day 58:  December 14

Today your poor brother fell and busted his face.  Oh, what a horrible crash he had!  Your dad had to come home from work and take Gabe to the dentist.  May God protect you from serious injury, my little one. 

gabes fall 015

Through all of Gabe’s pain, though . . . he has remained ever so gentle and even more aware of your cries. 

gabes fall 017

gabes fall 022  

Day 59:  December 15

wedding 008

wedding 020 

P.S.  This was the very first time I left you for the evening.  Praise the Lord, you slept the entire time that I was gone at Tia’s bachelorette dinner.

Day 60:  December 17

After Tia’s and Michael’s rehearsal dinner, Daddy and I took a small date to Whole Foods for some kombucha. 

wedding 112

Day 61:  December 18 (The Day of The Wedding)

wedding 141

wedding 156

wedding 158Meet your new cousin . . . your second cousin and your great-aunt.  You know Mama, of course.

Day 62:  December 19

wedding 166wedding 167 

Day 63:  December 20

last hurrah 047

Day 64:  December 21

last hurrah 054

Day 65:  December 22

last hurrah 089 last hurrah 091 

If you look closely enough in the above picture . . . you can see me in your eyes!

last hurrah 090

Your smile is so sweet!  I love it!  (And I love you!)

Day 66:  December 23

Mussoorie 043

Today was a very hard day . . . we had to say goodbye to our faithful dog.  I’m so sad that you really will never know her.   She was a good dog.  She was at your birth . . . watching over . . . . guarding the house. You have been such a comfort to me during this tough time . . . with all of your sweet smiles.

Mussoorie 039

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