Saturday, November 6, 2010

365/20 and Meals for New Moms

F week 041

The hat is compliments of Meagan, from church.  She had a little “welcome to the world” gift for you, that she blessed us with at a baby shower we attended for my friend, Terri.  Terri’s husband goes on Daddy’s Winter Wilderness Trips.

It was our first “girls” party we attended.  It made me excited for the mother/daughter teas we will get to go to together.  By then you won’t have to stay shrouded in a sling! 

Check out these amazing flowers Mommy’s friend, Sarah brought over.  The Starbucks wasn’t bad either!  If you find that you like Starbucks Vanilla Lattes when you are older, you can blame that on me.

F week 047

At our church, when a family has a baby, mommy’s good friend -- Casey, organizes meals for a couple of weeks.  It is so helpful.  So keep that in mind, should the Lord tarry, that when you become an adult, a timely meal can be such a blessing.  Here is a list of some of the meals we have gotten thus far – maybe it will spark an idea in your head:

  • build your own salad, potato soup, homemade bread (and for this meal, Melanie also brought a breakfast item for the following morning)
  • chicken curry with brown rice
  • chimichangas, saffron rice
  • rice and chicken tomato bisque, fruit, hummus with vegetables
  • pot roast, prepackaged salad (nice and easy), caramel apples, ants on a log, and quesadillas for the kids!
  • pumpkin muffins, fruit salad, herbed beef stew
  • beef stir fry, honey and peanut butter whole wheat cookies
  • French onion soup
  • Shephard’s pie and cookies
  • shredded beef on Hawaiian bread with mayo and Swiss cheese, fruit, and salad
  • chicken with refried rice

Some things to think about when you bring a meal would be to provide paper plates and napkins, a simple gift or card for any older children, a coffee for the mom, ask if any family members have food allergies or likes/dislikes, check the food schedule to make sure the family isn’t getting the same meal twice, stay long enough to properly “ohh and ahh,” but don’t overextended your stay or have your children run around like crazy, etc. 

These are just some of the things that our church family has done for us, and it has been such a blessing. 

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