Thursday, November 11, 2010


Day 22

Vackars meet SP 001Asher didn’t want you to feel lonely, so he did his schoolwork beside you.

Vackars meet SP 005

Daily your brothers give you more hugs and kisses than I get in one week!  They make a point to telling you how pretty you are and how perfect God made you.  Don’t ever forget that, young lady!

Vackars meet SP 006

Uncle Bryan stopped by after work to meet you.  Followed by . . .

Vackars meet SP 009

Sydney and . . . Alex.

Vackars meet SP 010   

Day 23

mid november 009

Your first dress . . . it was a picture moment.

mid november 019

God has blessed you with your own set of bodyguards.

mid november 027

mid november 030

mid november 038

When you aren’t in the Moby, you hang out in the sling that I made for us!

Day 24

mid november 047


Day 25

mid november 057

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