Saturday, November 20, 2010

Happy 1 Month!

This week you celebrated your one month birthday.  How glad we are that you have entered this world. 

There are so many things about you that make you so special . . .

  • the sweet noises you make when nursing
  • how you grip my necklace


  • the way you burrow your face into my neck
  • how you calm down quickly once you nestle into the Moby Wrap
  • the response people give your daddy and I when they see us with you—people always assume you are our first baby!  (Little do they know!)
  • your precious smiles . . . I really think you did smile at me this week



  • I love how God has used you to draw me closer to Him.  And I am sure that He will only continue to do so . . .


We are looking forward to many more memories with you, Little One! 

By the way, all of these GREAT pictures were taken by my friend, Janet, who is a photographer.  You came with me to Book Club --  we were discussing the book, A Basket of Flowers (which you must read when you are older!)  I asked Janet to snap some pictures of you seeing as though you were one month old that night and I hadn’t brought my camera for the occasion.  I think Janet had some fun . . . and she wants your coat!

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