Friday, November 26, 2010


Sunday, Day 35

end of november 025

Monday, Day 36

end of november 030

Tuesday, Day 37

thanksgiving eve 002

Wednesday, Day 38

thanksgiving eve 016

Ezra spent some time sharing with you how much Jesus loves you . . . and that He died on the cross for you so that you could be with God in heaven. 

Because God Really loves you.  And “I love you, too.”

Thanksgiving, Day 39

Note:  My dear daughter, should you ever nurse during the season of stuffing (or dressing if the “stuffing” isn’t cooked in the turkey), find out if the stuffing has the ingredient sage in it.  Sage dries up mother’s milk, and can make for a temporarily very  hungry and unhappy baby.

Thanksgiving 10 003

Asher held you while I loaded our belongings up to go celebrate at Mama and Papa’s house.

Thanksgiving 10 012

Thanksgiving 10 014    

You often appear to prop your chin up, especially after nursing.  However, I think this position is comfortable for you because you practiced your contemplative boxing moves when you were in my belly.

Thanksgiving 10 022

Your ever growing family . . .

Friday, Day 40

Thanksgiving 10 066

Oh Naomi – you have such a dreadful and pitiful cough. You aren’t coughing much, one could miss a fit.  But when you do, it so upsets you . . . and me.  But you have no other symptoms of being sick.  No temperature.  No problems sleeping.  You aren’t crying any more than normal.

Just an often hard to clear  phlegm-filled cough – just like mine was.  Sorry I got you sick. 

So the protocol I am taking is Thieves Oil on you feet, along with an alternating diffusion of Thieves Oil and RC Oil (to clear your lungs). 

Plus I am nursing you, which is God’s best homemade medicine.

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