Tuesday, November 30, 2010


Day 41: Saturday, November 27

end nov 017

Day 42: Sunday, November 28

Sorry about this picture . . . but by the time I remembered to take your picture . . . well, you were none too happy with me.

end nov 020

And the reality is that though you are a good baby, sometimes you do cry.  

Day 43:  Monday, November 29

end nov 070

end nov 072

I still am blown away by your clothes.  Though these are man-made, they remind me of the intricate detail that God took when making each and every detail about His children – US – You! 

Oh, I had to take you to see Swathi today.  Your cough   -- yikes . . . scary.

However, she confirmed what I was doing and only added that you needed a humidifier and saline spray up your nose. 

Now there were a few other things that she wanted to do too . . . but they were optional.  I’m not going to do them.  Why?  I firmly believe that the ONLY thing to enter your digestive track right now is breast milk. 

Curious as to what she wanted you to take?  Vitamin D and a probiotic (but it contained a few other things).  Both of these would change the content in your saliva which then gets communicated back to my body when you nurse.  So . . . my milk would change, perhaps prematurely, and not give you all the nutrients that you need. 

Day 44:  Tuesday, November 30

lost teeth 007

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